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Making Room for Kitchen Countertop Appliances

Last week we talked about how to choose the best appliances for your kitchen, but what about countertop appliances? When it comes to these smaller kitchen tools, it can be easy to suddenly find yourself with a high-tech kitchen with no room to actually cook or eat. Here are some tips on how to thoughtfully enhance your kitchen without going overboard.

First, Declutter

Before you think of buying that shiny new standmixer, breadmaker, or pressure cooker, first take a look at your current kitchen:

  • What appliances do you already have? 
  • Which ones do you use the most? 
  • Which ones do you never use at all? 
  • Are there any appliances you don’t even remember purchasing?

You might be surprised at how many appliances are hidden in your storage cabinets that you’ve long forgotten about. If there are any kitchen tools you have that you never use or don’t plan on using, consider getting rid of it. This is especially important if you have a smaller kitchen and don’t have the extra storage space to spare. But even if you do have the extra space, there is no reason to keep something just for the sake of keeping it!

Making Room for Countertop Appliances | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Serghei Starus

Doubling Up Use

We wholeheartedly believe in quality over quantity and that applies to countertop kitchen appliances. If there are one-use appliances you use daily, then they are worth keeping. You’ll find, though, that some quality appliances have multiple uses, saving you a little bit of extra kitchen space. These days, you can find pressure cookers that double as an airfryer, blenders that can also mix dough and chop vegetables, and more. It’s possible that some appliances are even too multifunctional to do a good job. Make sure to purchase from reputable brands, ask friends and family members for recommendations, and research reviews of the products you want to purchase.

Everything in Its Place

One of the best ways to keep an organized kitchen is for everything to have its own designated place. Whether that’s on the counter or under the cabinets, this will only help streamline your kitchen routines. Any appliance that gets used daily such as a coffee maker, toaster, or blender, should be left out on the countertop. Appliances that get used once in a while should be stored in low-cabinet storage, where it’s easy to access and pull out when needed. And your least frequently used appliances, if you have the extra room, can be stored in higher-cabinet storage spaces.

Making Room for Countertop Appliances | WPL Interior Design
Photo from Shutterstock

Keep in mind that some of your kitchen appliances may become more frequently used tools based on the season. Consider re-assessing your kitchen storage every few months so that the appliances you plan on using are rightly accessible.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

You are more likely to use your kitchen countertop appliances when you can see them. If you are deciding whether or not to keep an appliance, keep it out or accessible for 30 days to see if you will use it. If not, then it’s probably safe to get rid of it.

WPL Interior Design brings dream kitchens to life. Whether you’re looking for appliances big or small, we’re here to make sure your kitchen is beautifully equipped. Fill out our design inquiry form today to get started on your next kitchen remodel.

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