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When space is limited, you have to get creative with how your items are all stored. But what about how they are displayed? A bar cart is a fun space-saving way to keep your bar items all in one place. Here are some essentials for keeping it stocked and ready to entertain. 

Bar Utensils & Tools

The perfect twist of a fresh citrus peel on the rim of your drink is visually appealing and smells amazing. Using a citrus peeler to create this natural drink accessory is very easy add to your cocktails. A bar knife is another useful tool to have handy for adding fruit to your drinks. and bar spoons are tall, twisted spoons meant for stirring to combine the flavor of your ingredients. Other must-have tools include bar spoons, shakers, and a cocktail strainer. These tools and utensils sitting in your bar cart are easy to display in an unimposing way. Once you have the essentials, then you can assess if you have space for other desired, but maybe not-as-necessary, items.

Sugar Cubes & Bitters

Sugar cubes might not be one of the first things that come to mind for stocking your bar, but they’re a classy addition to any bar cart. You may even find yourself enjoying a cube or two in one of your drinks! Bitters come in so many fun flavors. You can choose from nutty, floral, citrus, or even spicy bitters. Keeping a small assortment of bitters in your bar cart won’t take up much space. They come in small bottles but will pack a punch of flavor in your cocktails. Remember, a bar cart is a luxury! Don’t be afraid to spend on quality ingredients. It’s an added bonus if your favorite ingredients come in beautiful packaging. We always love when products double up as decor!

Fruit & Sparkling Water

A margarita on the rocks tastes even better made with freshly squeezed citrus juice. By keeping a small bowl in your bar cart with a few pieces of fruit, you’re sure to impress your guests when they come over for game night and drinks. Additionally, sparkling water is another great ingredient to keep in your bar cart. You’ll be glad to have some ready to go for your ranch water or whisky sodas. 


Keeping a small selection of spirits in your bar cart will save you space. If you keep the right ones stocked, you can make a variety of different drinks! Similar to having a capsule wardrobe, less is more. You just need to have good staple pieces to build off of. Bourbon is tasty all on its own and can also be used to make an Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour, or even a Hot Toddy.

Vodka can easily be combined with sparkling water for a simple and enjoyable cocktail. It can also be made into a Vodka Martini, Cosmo, Moscow Mule, or Greyhound. Gin is most commonly known for being used for Gin and Tonics, but keeping it around for making those French 75’s is even more fun. Margaritas, Palomas, Tequila Sunrise, or Mexican Martinis will be easy to whip up to accompany your tacos if a bottle of tequila lives in your small group of spirits as well. This small number of bottles you’ll need in your bar cart will keep it from being overcrowded while still allowing for an array of cocktails waiting to be made.

On Stocking Your Bar Cart | WPL Interior Design

What are your favorite items to keep stocked in your bar cart? Or, if you have the space, perhaps you have a fully stocked bar in your home. WPL Interior Design has helped many homeowners create the home bar of their dream. We can help you find the perfect solution for any amount of space! Fill out our design inquiry form today to see how we can fit a beautiful home bar into your home.

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