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Upping Your Tablespread This Christmas

The holidays are a nostalgic time to gather around your table for a meal, or several meals together with friends and family. If you are the one hosting for the holidays this year, you’ve probably been thinking about how to fill your table to make it look inviting and beautiful for your guests. There are many ways to decorate your home for the holiday season. Having a timeless table spread to impress those who are seating around the table will be a great addition to the festive décor. 

Table Runner

Having everything centered in the middle of the table will make it easier to spread out your dishes and décor so that it fills the space but doesn’t overcrowd the tabletop. Start with a runner, then add your bigger items first to see where you can place your smaller items and serve ware next. 


Upping Your Table Spread This Christmas | WPL Interior Design

Do you have vintage candlesticks from your last antiquing trip tucked away somewhere? Now is the time to bring them out and show them of. Place varying sizes of candles in them and place them scattered through the middle of the table near your larger serve ware pieces that you placed first. Having their inviting flicker of the flame will add a coziness to your table and make your guests feel at home. 

Vases and Flowers

Upping Your Table Spread This Christmas | WPL Interior Design

Adding flowers and stems of beautiful nature brings liveliness and instantly elevates your space. There are so many pretty colors of the season: deep burgundies, whites, greens, and other neutral colors found in flowers and other fresh-cut stems that can go beautifully with all the other holiday decorations. Use sets of vases, mixing different sizes for the arrangements. Small bud vases for a single flower to accompany the others will look lovely next to your bakeware and bowls.


Upping Your Table Spread This Christmas | WPL Interior Design

Use layered levels of surfaces to place food items and small dishes on, doing so gives you more space on your table while adding depth to your table spread. Cake stands aren’t just for cake! There are single or multiple-tier cake stands available for adding some height and beauty as well as ease when reaching for the items on them. Setting bowls atop cutting boards and trays will also give a slight boost in visual height. Your dinnerware should also vary in size, mix in larger, medium, and smaller bakeware, serving bowls, and plates for different courses and uses. 

Fruits and Vegetables

This time of the year offers warm-colored fruits and vegetables that have elegant rich hues. Utilize what you have on hand already for your cooking and add some sliced fall produce to your tablescape. Pomegranates have an especially attractive deep red tone and look beautiful when cut open. Dried slices of oranges or grapefruit delicately positioned throughout the table are also a classic inclusion for the holiday season. Gourds come in a variety of sizes and colors and textures. They also look very festive placed on a tabletop.


The smell of herbs is appealing, and their rustic look makes them perfect for scattering in a weave all around the center of your table. The touch of greenery in between platters and serving bowls will look stunning. Fresh rosemary and thyme are the most festive, add several sprigs tied together with velvet ribbon for a fuller look. 


Upping Your Table Spread This Christmas | WPL Interior Design

Lastly, a variation of textures throughout the table spread pulls everything all together. There are many different materials to use. Natural stone cheeseboards or marble cake stands, wooden bowls or cutting boards, crystal gravy boats or dessert bowls, ceramic plates and bakeware, and metal candlesticks all combined together to add depth to your tabletop this year. 

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