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Our Favorite Home Products from CES 2024

Each year, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas introduces us to new products that make home life easier, safer, and greener. This year, the trend continues. We’re seeing new kitchen gadgets, TVs, security cameras, and other home products that ensure there’s no place like home.

Here is a rundown of the latest and greatest products showcased at CES 2024.

Smarter Cleaning

If you love a clean home but square footage is tight, you can now store multiple cleaning devices in one. Eureka showcased their new J20 Robotic Vacuum and Floor Washer for the first time in North America at CES 2024. The J20 can detect the difference between carpet and hard floor, meaning you avoid the risk of cross-contamination. This innovative cleaning machine also features dual tanks so clean and dirty water stay separate. There are many more impressive features, but one more worth noting is the base, which works harder so you don’t have to. It empties dirt, refills detergent and clean water, and washes and dries the mop. Smart and convenient! The J20 is slated for release in North America this April.

Sustainable Tech

Year after year, companies continue to up the ante with smarter and more sustainable technology. You may be familiar with how Tesla’s home batteries use solar panels to recharge. EcoFlow now offers a version of a home charging station with a bonus: it’s portable! You can use it anywhere you need power – even on the road.

Solar panels are getting an aesthetic upgrade, thanks to inQs and their use of transparent silicone quartz. Their technology looks like stained glass, and while limited to powering small devices, inQs is paving the way for aesthetics and innovation to come hand-in-hand with sustainable technology.

Innovation in the Kitchen

It’s no surprise we saw more products and tech for cooking and at-home entertaining at CES. Whether you enjoy meals indoors or outdoors, there is something for you.


Bartesian already offers cocktail makers, but their Premier model holds up to four different spirits and can make up to 60 recipes. Keep an eye out for the Premier’s debut later this year. If you prefer beer, iGulu’s brewing machine makes it possible to enjoy a home-brewed beer in less than two weeks. They offer four pre-mixed options making home brewing easier than ever. The machine also features a sleek design that cooly marries form and function. Another homebrew option is the sleek Exobrew Craft Gen 3. You can operate this brewing system via a smartphone app and create different types of beer, cider, and even kombucha.

Main Course

If you and your family enjoy outdoor cooking, Weber can help you grill smarter and with more sophistication. The Summit FS38X Smart Grill is one of their latest smart cooking options with a full-panel touchscreen and smartphone app operation/support, alongside other features that are difficult to find anywhere else. GE is also changing the game with the Smart Indoor Smoker. This smoker uses wood pellets but is safe to show off indoors thanks to Active Smoke Filtration, which transforms smoke into warm air.


ColdSnap showcased an ice cream maker that works similarly to a coffee pod machine. Just pop in the ingredients and wait a few minutes for your very own ice cream! While currently focusing on commercial markets, the ice cream maker is slated to eventually launch in residential markets. This is an innovation worth waiting for!


This year, TVs are larger, smaller, and even clearer. LG exhibited their unprecedented OLED T, making transparent displays available for the general public rather than just for businesses. The OLED T features clear glass with optional graphical treatments, making your TV a statement piece rather than a black void on your wall. When watching TV, a black panel slides up for clearer viewing.

We’re also seeing innovation in size, brightness, light control, and more. Hisense and TCL both featured TVs that bring enjoying entertainment in your home to a new level. CSeed has the ultimate option for minimalists wanting less clutter in their homes with a 137” TV that folds away with the push of a button.

If you like the idea of a TV that does more for you, Samsung’s Ballie is a smart home companion that can project videos on the floor or wall. Ballie can also complete household tasks, provide video updates of your pets when you’re away from home, and answer phone calls. If projecting video is a primary feature you’re looking for, LG’s CineBeam Qube or XGIMI’s latest projectors bring innovation with a sophisticated dose of nostalgia.

Home Security

Looking for an even smarter way to keep your home safe? Lockly now offers the Visage smart door lock, which you can unlock via fingerprint, digital keypad, or most impressively, facial recognition. Beyond your front door, smart home brand Abode released the Wi-Fi HaLow camera, which is powered by a battery and able to maintain an internet connection up to 1.5 miles from your router.

Thanks to continued innovation, CES 2024 shows life can be more secure, eco-friendly, and connected day in and day out. If you’re feeling inspired, get in touch and let us know how we can help you upgrade the tech in your home!

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