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Save Water With These Smart Appliance Switches

Water is quickly becoming a precious resource, yet despite our good intentions, much of our water goes down our drains without us even knowing it. The average family wastes 13,000 gallons of water per year

But there’s good news: smart technology is here to help. It can reduce water waste by 50% and cut our water bill costs by an average of $350 per year

Smart appliance switches can be added to home appliances and systems to limit and monitor water usage. Here are some examples of products that benefit from these switches and the big benefits of these tiny devices. 

What is a Smart Switch?

A smart switch is a device that replaces a traditional light switch or appliance switch. It offers features like on, off, and volume controls remotely through a smartphone app or voice assistant, keeping us in control of our devices anywhere.

Unlike a traditional on/off switch, a smart switch can be operated and scheduled to turn on or off at certain times. It also monitors and relays energy usage and automatically shuts off the appliance when not in use. 

Smart appliance switches also track data so you can spot when water usage becomes excessive so that you can limit it or cut it off completely, saving you on water and energy costs. 

Types of Smart Switches for Water Savings

Here are some examples of switches lowering water usage in our homes. 

Smart Washing Machine Switches

Washing machine switches allow for remote start, stop, and monitoring of laundry cycles from a smartphone. We are made aware the moment a washing cycle has ended so that we remember to remove the clothes; otherwise, the clothing could develop a moldy smell that requires another washing. The timely notifications also help us complete more loads during cheaper energy times of the day. 

Smart Switches for Dishwashers

Just like with a clothing washer smart switch, you gain complete control of operation when needed and are notified when cleaning is done. You can set the type of wash cycle to fit the size of the load to reduce water usage. You can also receive notifications and schedule washes, helping you clean more dishes during a cheaper energy time. 

Smart Shower Switches

Excessive shower lengths lead to thousands of gallons of water waste each year. One shower session alone uses 16 gallons of water. Studies show smart shower controls reduce water use by as much as 50%.  

A smart shower switch lets you monitor showering times and set a maximum run time. The controller can automatically shut off the shower after, say, 10 minutes, while other models slowly reduce water flow over time to nudge people to get out. 

Smart Sink Switches

We have all used smart sink switches in public restrooms. The same water-saving benefits are available at home. Touchless smart faucet controls on bathroom and kitchen sinks shut off water automatically after hands are removed or after a set time. This reduces water wasted from taps left running too long. 

Smart Leak Detectors

Installing smart leak detectors helps you monitor drips and ruptures in supply lines. Sensors shut the water off automatically when a leak is detected, preventing potentially massive water loss. Smart leak technology can save thousands of gallons of water.

Bonus Benefit: Smart Irrigation Controllers

Though this is not an appliance, irrigation systems are crucial to water savings. Landscaping makes up at least 30% of home water usage. Smart switches can connect to an in-ground sprinkler system for real-time sensing and weather data. The controller automatically adjusts the watering schedule based on rain, wind, soil moisture, and evaporation rates, preventing overwatering and irrigation runoff. These benefits combined save water usage by as much as 50%. 

Investing in smart appliance switches takes a little effort upfront but leads to more efficient home energy and water use. These benefits help us all do our part for our world with little to no effort. We also reduce our water and energy bills each month. Consider it an immediate return for helping the world. 

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