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Pandemic-Born Interior Design Trends

Last week, you may have seen our very own Marcello Luzi going live on Philly Home Design’s Instagram. He talked about current interior design trends; what are the different ways we are rethinking our living spaces as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic? We don’t know when this pandemic will end, but what we do know is that it will have lasting effects on the way we live. We are already hearing feedback from our clients of problems they are facing from being in quarantine and finding the right solutions to help.

Today, we’re going to recap these “pandemic-born” trends that Marcello talked about; some of these changes head the opposite direction of what we’ve seen trending in the past year. Other changes are a bit more subtle. Of course, not everything will change. People still love open plan homes and technology is constantly making our homes more functional. Here are some of the main shifts in perspective we’re seeing.

Rethinking the Open Plan

Although designers sometimes have mixed feelings about the “open plan”, we understand why homeowners love it. When it comes to the comforts and soul of a home, the open plan really makes a more spacious and inviting impression. However, as quarantining led to more people working and learning from home, everyone started thinking of how to differentiate public versus private spaces. Noise is one of the biggest issues when families try to make the open plan work for their work and learning schedules.

A photo of an open plan part of a home with living room, kitchen, and stairwell.
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Pausing on Downsizing

In the past few years, downsizing has been an upward trend for homeowners of all ages. But now we’re seeing some homeowners appreciate the extra square footage. Those who have extra bedrooms to spare are now repurposing them for other functions, like home offices, home “classrooms”, or home gyms. We’re even seeing people move from small apartments to bigger apartments in the same building so that they don’t have to change their address. Storage space has also been a huge concern as people stock up on paper goods and groceries to avoid going out often.

Working from Home

Needing to work from home every day is a lot different than working from home a couple of times a week. Not only have people had to learn how to establish a dedicated workspace for their jobs or school, but they’ve also had to learn how to do so for everyone in the same household.

A home office with built-in library wall and a desk placed in the corner.
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Private home offices, study rooms, and home libraries are especially helpful for work-from-home situations. These are usually individual rooms that are separated by doors which helps with noise control and privacy. They also allow people to separate their work and school from home at the end of the day.

Again, the biggest factor for households with multiple individuals working and learning through conferencing apps is noise. What happens when someone is in a heated meeting while another is trying to listen to a lecture? Good lighting is also very important. All these issues go together with rethinking the open plan. Even as “stay-at-home” orders are lifted, many people are not yet going back to the workplace, and a private workspace is becoming more vital so that everyone can stay productive at home.

A home office with built-in library wall to the left and a moving ladder. Office has a large door-less doorway that shows a big piece of artwork.
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Home Technology and Entertainment

Technology always plays a big role in current interior design trends and we’re always excited to better integrate it into living spaces. As more people are working and learning from home, it’s vital for our homes to have better equipment and WiFi. Furthermore, people may be considering upgrading their living spaces to be “smarter”; smart kitchens, smart lighting, and audio/visual integration are just a few examples of what homeowners are asking for.

An outdoor patio space with a stone fireplace and rattan furniture.
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

More homeowners are also figuring out how to set their homes up for entertainment. Although some states are re-opening for business, many people are uncomfortable going to the gym, movie theatre, and anywhere else. We are going to be seeing a growing trend in home entertaining, whether that is beautifying backyards and outdoor spaces or repurposing extra space inside the home.

If the way we’re living now is the new normal for the time being, homeowners need to reevaluate their living standards; how can their homes be improved? Some of our clients who have wine rooms and home bars have been the happiest people during quarantine, especially when the liquor stores were closed. We’ve also had great feedback from clients who had rooms turned into home theatres; what a wonderful alternative to have when we can’t go out to the movies or see concerts and sporting events.

Photo by Bruce Shippee Photography

Keeping Your Home Clean

Lastly, it’s only natural for more homeowners to be thinking about how they can keep their home clean and safe. We’re seeing many trends move towards a more “Japanese-model.” One example is taking your shoes off when you get home. It also means clearly defining spaces where people can put their shoes, keys, shopping items, and other belongings when entering their home. We’re seeing a lot of essential workers, particularly those in working in hospitals, have designated “decontamination zones” in their homes. This allows them to easily change and take proper precautions to protect their families.

The COVID-19 pandemic has truly made us rethink how we view, construct, and design homes and living spaces. We could go on and on about all the aspects we’re seeing changes, but every household is different. There isn’t one solution that will work for every home. WPL Interior Design is dedicated to helping our clients maximize their space and balancing function and style. Especially during this when we are spending practically every day and all day in our homes — why settle for something that isn’t comfortable?

Whether you’re looking to streamline your home routine or create a better multi-functional space, WPL Interior Design is ready to get to work. When we stay up with current interior design trends, it’s not just about what looks good. It’s also about solving problems homeowners are facing in their day-to-day lives. Tell us more about how you’d like to improve your home by filling out our design inquiry form today.

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