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Revitalizing Underutilized Spaces in Your Home

Reimagine Underutilized Spaces in Your Home

Every unused space in a home has potential, even if you’ve yet to define its purpose. Let’s discover new ways to redefine underutilized spaces in your home and transform them into memorable spaces with purpose and functionality.

Entryways and Hallways

Communal areas like kitchens and living rooms receive the most attention, while entryways and hallways are often overlooked. Often barebones and aesthetically forgettable, these transitional spaces can play a decisive role in maintaining the flow of your home.

Upgrading light fixtures helps add character and elevates the space. In long hallways, consider installing multiple fixtures six to eight feet apart to provide sufficient amounts of light. You can use the same fixtures throughout the hallway to avoid a cluttered look. If you have low ceilings, recessed lighting can meet your function needs without taking up space. Unsure where to start? Consider the aesthetic and ambiance of connected spaces in your entryway or hallways to provide a seamless transition that supports your style.

For more options, you can transform these transitional spaces into storage mudrooms or a place to showcase art, plants, decor, photos, and other meaningful mementos. These finishing touches can make even the most forgotten areas of your home feel engaging. 

Spandrels and Under the Stairs

Staircases and hallways allow for easy access to different parts of your home but sometimes lack sufficient storage and style options. The space beneath staircases, or spandrels, holds immense potential for redesigning underutilized spaces in your home.

Instead of letting these spaces collect dust bunnies, consider using spandrels to create needed storage space. Add custom shelving for books or closet space to hang clothing and shoe racks to keep the space organized. If you work from home, you can also transform spandrels into cozy offices. Custom built-in shelving can maximize spandrel space, making fitting a small desk, chair, and lamp inside the cove easier.

Additionally, pet parents can turn spandrels into rooms for their furry friends. These enclosures make great areas for your pets to decompress when guests are over. You can spruce up these nooks by incorporating pet beds, toy storage, and easy-access food bowls to provide your pets with a tranquil retreat.

Alcoves and Nooks

Underutilized spaces harbor treasure troves for redesign ideas, and alcoves are no exception. Alcoves, once popular in older buildings for its peaceful atmosphere, are often left neglected and unfurnished today. 

To revitalize these spaces, start with lighting dim spaces with sconces, candles, recessed fixtures, or mini chandeliers. Create accent walls with bold colors to catch natural light and liven the atmosphere, or experiment with patterned wallpaper to draw attention to the nook. In addition, consider filling alcoves with built-in benches, accent furniture, daybeds, and shelves for low-energy activities. 

Likewise, these alcoves can serve as great spaces for minibars, dressing areas, and electric fireplaces. With the right game plan, alcoves can transform underutilized areas in your home into relaxing, multi-purpose spaces.


Unlike alcoves and nooks, basements offer more versatile floor plans for renovating underutilized areas in your home. Basements are perfect for built-in cellars and bars for wine-tasting parties. You can install in-home movie theaters and well-stocked pantries to liven social gatherings. 

If your basement lacks natural lighting, install fixtures to reduce basement gloominess. Smart lighting can be a great option if you’re limited by what permanent lighting is available. Consider the space’s primary purpose and use that as your guide to ensure a functional and aesthetic setup.


Attics are yet another underutilized space in the home, but they can be great spaces to get creative. So long as you have the proper temperature and ventilation systems in place, your options are endless. If you enjoy gardening, consider transforming your attic into an urban greenhouse. An indoor garden could provide a great opportunity to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs for cooking and engage with nature regardless of the weather.

Other options include a home library, craft room, music studio, guest room, or playroom. For smaller attics, consider using lighter colors on the walls and painting the floor to keep the space open. You can also use lighter-colored paint on an accent wall to help the space feel bigger. For a more playful approach, consider patterned wallpaper, open shelving, or photo galleries to accentuate triangular walls.

Breathe Life into Overlooked Spaces 

When revitalizing underutilized spaces in your home, the possibilities are endless. You can transform these forgotten spaces to showcase your lifestyle and elevate your home. Reach out to our design team today for help from our expert designers to breathe life into every part of your home.

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