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The Revival of Memphis Design in Modern Interiors

The Memphis design movement, known for its unconventional nature, is a timeless trend that repaints homes with playful aesthetics to evoke human emotion. Memphis style originated in Milan, Italy during the 1980s. Italian designer Ettore Sottsass created the Memphis Group to challenge minimalism in favor of juxtaposing colors and patterns. 

The group faced heavy criticism during their first exhibition at the Milan Furniture Fair. Many prestigious designers viewed the style as unprofitable eye sores, and the group subsequently disbanded in 1988. Despite its controversy, recent interest in Memphis design has sparked Neo-Memphis, a revival movement celebrating nonconformity.

Memphis design is fueled by imagination and emotions. In other words, you must be willing to “reject good taste” and functionality for inciting styles. There’s no prerequisite on floor plan layouts as most of your focus will be amplifying your space. So, how do you incorporate such a design into your home?  

Bold Colors and Clashing Combos

Colors set the ambiance and mood of your home, a must-have for Memphis design interiors. You can create visual experiences by blending vibrant colors and neutral tones. Pink, yellow, and orange evoke cheerfulness, making them ideal hues for social spaces. 

Additionally, softer tones are conducive to creating relaxation rooms. For bedrooms and bathrooms, use soft blues, gentle greens, and pastel purples for a calming effect. Colors elicit different moods for everyone, so don’t be afraid to experiment with palettes. Coupled with muted canvases and black-and-white compositions, these colors can bring attention to interior elements and breathe new life into your home.

Intricate Shapes, Patterns, and Fabrics

Memphis styling indulges in its use in Art Deco geometry and pop art-style aesthetics. Try out various patterns like squiggly lines, elaborate patterns, and intense designs. Use vintage fabrics to awaken nostalgic memories or velvety textures for luxurious living. For sustainable homeowners, use eco-friendly synthetic fibers, cork, peace silk, and hemp to complete your postmodern look.

Furniture and Art

Curved furniture liberates you from traditionally shaped furniture while adding layers of sophistication to your interior. Therefore, consider investing in curved decor with undefined angles to match your aesthetic, and experiment with triangular and irregularly shaped pillows. Find oddly shaped coffee tables, bookshelves, mirrors, and rugs to attract attention to certain areas in your home.

Turn your home into a mesmerizing gallery with abstract wall art from vibrant murals to acrylic masterpieces. For extra bursts of color, use candles, ceramics, vases, figurines, and centerpieces that capture your inner self. Simply put, celebrate artistic freedom in the confines of your home with distinct styles that stray away from functionality. 

Embrace Experimentation

Postmodernism offers a broad array of styles for those looking for something fresh. Memphis design is a versatile style that accommodates minimalist and maximalist lifestyles, so be open to experimenting for unique results. Let your imagination run wild and infuse futuristic styles and props into an otherwise moderate world.

Delving into Memphis styling alone can be intimidating. Contact us today and our team of experienced professionals can help bring your dream home to life!

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