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99% of households in the United States have at least one television, and the quality of the screens is improving. From tube TVs to flat screens, the design of the television certainly has become more stylish and compact. No matter the size and shape, though, the TV is often the focal point of the room. But have you ever wished your television could seamlessly blend into your home, more like a beautifully framed painting?

Say hello to Samsung’s Frame TV. It’s an impressive 4K UHD TV, with way more detail than full HD, 40 watts of DTS Premium surround Sound 5.1, a built-in subwoofer, Bluetooth, wi-fi, and other SmartTV features and specs. Like many televisions, you can mount it against your wall in any room. Unlike the others, though, the design qualities of Samsung’s Frame TV are just as amazing and sleek as the technical specs.

Photo: Samsung

Photo: Youtube

Professionally Curated Art

When you’re not watching television, The Frame can easily blend into any room amongst your other art pieces. Whether it’s hanging on the wall or placed on a Studio Stand, you can put your TV anywhere to match the decor of your home. Basically, your TV will turn into another wall-hanging, becoming less of a bulky focal point in the room, and more of another luxury art piece that adds to your home’s decor. Choose to display your favorite painting, photograph, or photo on the screen when your TV is sitting idle. Or use the integrated Art Store to let Samsung choose striking pieces automatically!


No Gap

The Frame TV includes the Samsung’s two-piece No Gap wall mount. That means you’re ready to go out of the box. When the Frame TV is hanging, it looks perfectly integrated into the surroundings like a fine piece of art.

Customizable Frames

Samsung’s Frame TV screen is bordered by a frame for which you can choose among four bezel options: natural wood, walnut, black, or white. The bezels are magnetic, so change them out whenever you like! This makes Samsung’s Frame TV a well thought-out design piece.

Photos: Ed Kellum & SonsGadgets 360Oleander + Palm

Photo: Gadget Flow

Check out this unboxing video!

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