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What’s New in LED Lighting Technology

When looking for lighting products, you may have noticed that most of the options in stores are now LED. Compared to traditional lighting products, LED lights can have a lifespan up to twenty times longer and cut up to 85% electricity use. It’s no wonder why it’s becoming the more popular option for homes and businesses!

LED lights used to be considered more expensive, but since they are becoming more of the norm, the prices have come down over the last few years. As part of the Internet of Things (IoT) evolution, there are many LED lighting technologies that are developing to enhance user experiences.

Easier Upgrades

Many new LEDs have been designed to fit with internet standards that will not only allow users to control their lighting, but also make it easier to upgrade or reprogram if necessary. This is especially common in office buildings, where space may change often based on office priorities. LED manufacturers, such as CREE, have developed lighting designs that are ethernet based, meaning they are very adaptable to change.

Photos above: Cree, Inhabitat

More Colors and Light Options

You might be familiar with different color temperatures of light: you can have warmer or cooler temperatures of light which can mimic daylight to candlelight. Many LED lighting technologies are merging with scientifically based findings that suggest which temperatures of lights work best during our normal routines. For instance, one side of the light spectrum helps us stay awake and stay energized for better concentration throughout the day, whereas the other end of the spectrum helps us to relax and wind down.

Additionally, LED lighting is no longer limited to just shades of white, yellow and orange. Now, you can also use LED lighting to produce colors from the entire RGB color spectrum. Now, you have more options to choose from when creating the perfect ambiance for your parties and gatherings.

Photos above: Urban Outfitters

Photos above: Tech Hive, Amazon

Stylish Designs

Whether you like the look of a retro lightbulb or something that is more futuristic, there are all different styles of LED light bulbs that will fit your home decor. You can also find LED lighting fixtures of all varying sizes. You can find LED lights for any type of space, from recessed lighting for your rooms to Edison-bulbs for your lamps to tiny light bulbs on strips for shelving.

Photos above: Walmart, AliExpress

Photo above: Farrey’s

Smart Bulbs

In 2017, sales for LED smart lighting increased 95% from the previous year. In addition to more energy-efficient bulbs, smart lighting offers users voice-control capabilities, shades of white light and colored lights, and wireless connections to smart devices. Some can even activate through voice or motion sensors, and can also be set to automatically dim in certain programmed situations. Smart bulbs are as easy to install as ordinary bulbs while allowing homeowners to personalize their lighting exactly the way they want it.

Photos: House New Designs, Deal Extreme

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