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The Forever Fashionable Frequently Functional Martini Table

What is a Martini Table? Any small table used beside a chair, sofa, sectional, banquette or seat that is primarily for the use of one person. Formerly called cigarette tables, these small gems have evolved into the more elegant named Martini Tables, a name that more accurately describes their use and stylish qualities.

They can come in any shape, any material, any finish and the possible combinations are endless. There are literally thousands from which to choose. Frequently made in metal, glass, stone, Lucite, wood and any combination of those more common materials. Square, round, rectangular, oval, odd shaped, we have seen them all.


We say they should definitely be under 18” in diameter or width, but most are under 12” in diameter or width. Heights are dependent upon the chair or seat by which they are placed but they can be 18” high (on the low side) for a low seat, 24” high (on the medium side) for most sofas, and even 30” high (on the high side) for a higher sitting wing chair.

So what is the difference between an end table and a Martini Table? Primarily size. End tables are more substantial and often hold a lamp or many objects. Martini Tables are more personal, usually used for one person right by their seat or in front of their seat, if used with a banquette or sectional.

When there is not enough room for an end table, yet you need a little something to finish off what may look like a Spartan or lonely chair, the Martini Table is the perfect object to finish the look. Practical and stylish they always add a special touch to a room, like jewelry to an outfit. Think about using Martini Tables in your own home. There are so many from which to choose, have fun.

Martnini-Table-Interior-Design-Philadelphia_0356 Martnini-Table-Interior-Design-Philadelphia_0349Martnini-Table-Interior-Design-Philadelphia_0347 Martnini-Table-Interior-Design-Philadelphia_0354 Martnini-Table-Interior-Design-Philadelphia_0348 Martnini-Table-Interior-Design-Philadelphia_0346 Martnini-Table-Interior-Design-Philadelphia_0352 Martnini-Table-Interior-Design-Philadelphia_0345 Martnini-Table-Interior-Design-Philadelphia_0344 Martnini-Table-Interior-Design-Philadelphia_0355 Martnini-Table-Interior-Design-Philadelphia_0350 Martnini-Table-Interior-Design-Philadelphia_0351

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