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Gathering around the dining table with loved ones and making memories is a special part of the holidays. You want everyone to enjoy themselves. You also want your dining area to reflect the special gathering, especially with extra people around it. A tablecloth to decorate your dining surface helps protect it from the extra use while also elevating the seasonal dining experience for your get-together. 


The Right Cloth for Your Table | WPL Interior Design

As shopping for any home purchase, consider your lifestyle. In this case, the particular the type of gathering you are planning to host. If you are expecting children in your party, a runner might be the best option for you. Although you can’t fully keep messes at bay, you can eliminate the extra hassle in cleaning a full tablecloth. For a full covering option, base your choice on which material and size fits your dining space and group the best for dressing the top of your table. 


Tablecloths come in many fabric options to choose from. There is opportunity to play with prints and patterns, add a pop of color, and include different textures to your table’s surface. For a more casual look, cotton tablecloths are easy to clean and will withstand years of use while providing an array of style selections. Cotton tablecloths can effortlessly be used in everyday decoration. They are also more affordable and can be found in festive and seasonal styles. 

The Right Cloth for Your Table | WPL Interior Design

There are also fabric choices like silk or linen. Silk has a sophisticated sheen to it giving a more elegant look while linen has more of a refined rustic feel. Both will elevate your gathering area by dressing your table in classic textures. While these fabrics feel luxurious, they do require some more care in storing, washing, and use. When storing after the holiday season, linen and silk wrinkle easily. They are both better off being taken to the dry cleaners instead of throwing in with your everyday laundry. All three of these fabrics will look beautiful and have long been used on tables worldwide as meals are shared together. 


The Right Cloth for Your Table | WPL Interior Design

Lastly, you have to determine the size that fits your table best. The size of your tablecloth should also reflect the type of gathering you are having this year. For a more laid-back look, get a medium size that drops down no more than ten inches; it should be no less than six inches from the edge of your table’s top. A larger tablecloth with a longer length can give you a more sophisticated look. For this style, the tablecloth should fall around fifteen inches past the lip of your table. This will achieve a tasteful elegance like you would find at special gatherings.

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