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Accessorizing your home can be a daunting task. We have seen people build entire homes and have clear opinions of what they want when it comes to their space plans, overall style, kitchen design, bathrooms and furniture.  Yet that same person sometimes does not have a clue what to do with their shelves and surfaces when it comes to accessorizing.

So how does one approach the task of accessorizing your home?  First take an inventory of what you have and consider what you are missing. When the project is complete your goal is to have a variety of objects of differing shapes, sizes, textures, materials and colors.  The key to making it visually appealing is to not have everything be the same, unless of course it is a collection of like objects and then there is a common theme to that area.

Consider what you like, perhaps a favorite color, and consider your style.  Experiment, don’t be afraid to put different object together and see what works and what doesn’t.  Trial and error can be fun and sometimes leads to very exciting results you will be proud of.

So what are some specific items you might use?  Here is just a sampling of what you could use:

  • vases
  • pillows
  • sculptures
  • chargers
  • art
  • plates
  • urns
  • bowls
  • candlesticks
  • table lamps
  • boxes
  • bowls
  • pedestals
  • mirrors
  • bronzes
  • busts
  • glass
  • art glass
  • bottles
  • stools
  • wall decor
  • books
  • photos
  • hurricanes
  • trays
  • figurines
  • paperweights
  • floral arrangements
  • screens
  • barware

The idea is to mix it up.  You do not want everything to be the same. Vary your shapes, sizes and colors.  Feel free to use functional object that you can actually use, and remember the rule of THREE. Odd numbers are best and small groupings of three have a strong impact. Symmetry can also work, for instance on a mantle shelf by having a flanking pair of objects on either end.

Play with it and have fun.  You will know when it is right because it will feel right and you’ll think hey that looks good.  Of course you can always call in the professionals, we are always happy to help.

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