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Visiting SubZero & Wolf Appliances in Madison, Wisconsin

Last week we had the unique opportunity to visit the SubZero and Wolf factories near Madison, Wisconsin and learn about their products at the Bakke Center.  It was a wonderful experience open to kitchen designers and appliance dealers and one that we will cherish forever.  Not only were we fed constantly, we were taught all about what makes these products so special and sets them apart from other brands.

SubZero pioneered modern refrigeration and are known in the industry as the Mercedes-Benz of refrigeration. Sub-Zero created the concept of built-in refrigeration using their classic stainless steel Sub-Zero look, and the panel-ready models for a custom finish. They also created the disappearing refrigerator with their integrated units which have no visible hinges or grilles, making it possible for the refrigerator to be indistinguishable from other cabinets and drawers around it. Their refrigerators are unique in many ways, one being that they have to separate zones for cooling, so your freezer and refrigerator never share unwanted odors.

With their purchase of Wolf and then pioneering advances in that technology they have brought cooking to a whole new level. All their gas ranges have dual stacked sealed burners, and come as dual fuel ranges with electric ovens or all gas ranges with gas ovens.  Their M series convection ovens are state of the art and use two modern blowers (not fans) to circulate air around the oven to evenly cook foods and speed up the cooking process. Their steam-convection ovens can give you moist cooking or do a roast.

They are also leaders in Magnetic Induction cooking technology which is cooking with startling precision, power and efficiency. IN traditional gas and electric cooking the heat source heats the pan which heats the food.  In induction cooking the pan becomes the heat source. The cooktop doesn’t heat up; only the cookware does, fast and with perfectly distributed heat. Turn an element up or down, and the temperature response is instantaneous, and it is up to 40% faster than gas or electric. You get lightning fast high heat or very low lows all on a cooktop that is highly efficient, safe and easy to clean.

As the North American distributors for ASKO they complete a full range of appliances including washers, dryers and dishwasher.  Stay tuned for a new line of dishwashers coming out in 2017 under the COVE brand.

SubZero-Wolf also recently introduced a line of countertop appliances, cookware and knives under the Wolf Gourmet brand.  This includes toasters, a blender, a countertop oven, professional knives and stainless steel cookware that work with induction, electric or gas cooktops.  The Wolf Gourmet products are available now online and in stores.

With a full range of appliances SubZero & Wolf are all you will ever need for your home and we love to incorporate their products in our kitchen designs.

SubZero and Wolf product lines



Built-in Ovens

Cooktops and Rangetops

Coffee Systems


Specialty Modules


Warming Drawers

Outdoor Grills


Full Size Refrigeration

Undercounter Refrigeration

Wine Storage


Countertop Appliances

Kitchen Tools

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