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Top 5 Smart Home Technology Trends from CES 2021

The annual Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, for 2021 was held virtually this past January. If there is one trade show that you expect to be as impressive through the screen as in-person, it’s CES. This year, smart home technology made some new jumps. We are especially impressed with the increase in touchless and health-related tech that can be integrated into your home.

Touchless Smart Home Technology

Touch interactions were largely removed in smart home tech trends – surprising? Not really, considering the demands of pandemic social distancing and handwashing recommendations. The less you have to touch, the better. There were several new products demoed at CES 2021 including a touchless doorbell, faucets, and toilets. A touchless video doorbell from is easy to operate, too. You stand on the mat in front of the doorbell and it rings!

Kohler debuted several touchless bathroom fixtures focused on keeping your hands as free as possible from germs. Their Sensate touchless bathroom faucet will be on the market by the end of the year. So will their Innate Intelligence toilet and other touchless toilets.

Kitchen Appliance Upgrades

Samsung started a new line of refrigerators that are at the forefront of kitchen smart home technology, too. Their Bespoke fridges have been available overseas since 2019 but are making their way to the US in 2021. Not only are there tech highlights, but you can also customize their look to match your kitchen. Additionally, Samsung announced a new update to their FamilyHub software that now includes a cooking platform and Alexa integrated into the software.

LG had a few appliances added to their kitchen line as well, including more in their InstaView line to include a UV sanitizer and refrigerators that open upon your vocal command. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the Sigma Phase ColdSnap. It makes frozen desserts from ice cream to smoothies with a single-serve pod similar to the way a Keurig works. Even better – after using it, you don’t need to wait for it to be ready to make another treat.

Smart Tech Home Robotics and AI

CES naturally also showcases a variety of smart home robots equipped to help with a variety of household tasks. Samsung has one, the Bot Handy, designed to help pick up toys, load a dishwasher, and even pour a drink. Another piece of smart home technology from Samsung, the JetBot 90 AI is one of the latest in robot vacuums that self-empties the bin and can navigate and identify obstacles or objects that could be bad for the robot.

Another innovation we saw was the Nobi Smart Lamp for the Elderly. It’s a ceiling light that also monitors if someone falls. It is wired directly into your existing circuitry and offers 24/7 monitoring, so you will be alerted if a loved one has fallen and needs assistance.

Health and Happiness for You and Your Pets

With so many people homebound these days, working and learning from home has become much the norm. This change demanded innovation, and those demands were met and unveiled at CES 2021. Between OLED TVs from LG to collars that can tell us our pets’ mood, there is a shift in focusing on a work/life balance at home. LG’s 55-inch OLED TV boasts a screen that is 40% transparent, and it lifts when you want to watch TV or stays hidden away at the foot of your bed when not in use. Bonus – it displays pertinent information like the weather, time, and even acts as an alarm if you need one.

Even pets are feeling the tech progress thanks to Petpuls. They created a collar that uses artificial intelligence to tell you how your furry friend is feeling. Voice-recognition evaluates the pitch and tone of your animal so you know if your pet is happy, sad, angry, or simply relaxed.

For all the gamers out there, you’ll also enjoy Razor’s Project Brooklyn concept chair. This gaming chair has a 60-inch wrap-around screen creating a true gamer’s paradise. Panoramic gaming visuals, complete with tactile feedback, will give you an experience never seen before.

With all of the options making their way in smart home technology, the advances continue to revolutionize the way people live every day now and for the foreseeable future.

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