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Thinking About Home Automation

To automate a home means you are incorporating automatic control to your home from various electronic devices. Think about those commercials or video clips that have someone telling Alexa to turn off the lights. Smart home trends are constantly evolving and improving, and there are many ways you can automate a home nowadays. From lights and heating to appliances and security, the possibilities are endless.

How Home Automation Works

Home automation works over your existing wi-fi internet connection through software provided by your hardware manufacturer. The hardware is the physical device allowing you to connect wirelessly, and the software is the app that lets you connect. Typically, you start by downloading the app to your smartphone for the device you have, connect it, and then use the app on your smartphone to tell the device what to do. You may have also heard of the Internet of Things or IoT – it is basically the devices interconnecting with other devices across the internet and your personal wi-fi network. Once a home is connected, smart devices can communicate with one another at the touch of a phone or sound of your voice. 

Is your house too warm and you are not even home? “Alexa, lower the temperature on the house air conditioner.” Yep, that’s you talking to your Alexa assistant from your smartphone! What if you want to access your Ring doorbell cam and you’re not home? Ring’s app connects you from your phone to your doorbell camera wherever you might be located.

What to Consider

Depending on what you choose from various equipment from different home automation companies, most are easy to install. Like all things, some devices come with more bells and whistles than others. You can find different home automation tools and products at different price points to suit your household’s needs.

Thinking About Home Automation | WPL Interior Design

You may need to consider upgrading your wi-fi connection if the internet slows down when you are using your devices. Think of it this way – it can be difficult to hear the person in front of you unless they slow down and speak clearly in a crowded room with lots of people talking. Smart devices are the people, and your wi-fi connection is the crowded room. A bigger room, or better wi-fi connection, encourages more effective communication between devices while allowing your internet to remain at desirable speeds.

Why You Need to Automate Your Home

When you automate a home, you can reap several benefits that you likely haven’t even really thought about yet. For example, you can be more energy efficient with your thermostat. Many of the latest thermostats allow you to schedule set temperatures depending on the time of day. You’ll also be able to turn off that light you forgot about on your way out. There are also home automation devices that free up your time and improve your quality of life. The Roomba is a popular product that allows you to “set it and forget it” for clean floors!

Thinking About Home Automation | WPL Interior Design

Additionally, automated security options provides peace of mind when it comes to home safety. You can connect to your camera and check on your living room or your backyard whenever you want. Motion triggers can also be set, so you’ll know if someone is around that is not supposed to be there.

Automating Your Home

When you automate a home, you will realize it works in a few different ways. You can monitor your home from a live feed, control a variety of devices remotely, and set up other devices to be triggered when an event happens. With the advances continuing to move forward, automating your home is worth considering for your peace of mind while helping you use your time wisely.

Our designers at WPL Interior Design take the time to learn about your style and what you’re looking for in a home. We find the best solutions to fit what you need, whether it’s stylistic, technological, or functional. Fill out our design inquiry form today to start on your next home project!

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