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What’s Trending for a Safer Home

Technology continues to advance in home security so that you can have peace of mind whether you’re at home or not. Between automation and self-installation, home security trends are available to meet every need you may have.

Top Features in Home Security Platforms

When you start comparing the different home security platforms, there are several questions to ask. Do you want an integrated camera and doorbell combo? What about a smart lock for your door? Is having a child-friendly home security platform vital to you? Are you interested in other products like smoke or carbon monoxide alarms?

SimpliSafe, as an example, has a base station, a siren, and various sensors you can set to monitor movement, door or window entry, and even fires or flooding. Optional add-ons like their smart lock and two-way HD video monitoring. Ring also has an excellent starter package that includes a base, keypad, motion detector, sensors, and range extenders. Appropriate for apartments as well as larger homes, the Ring Alarm is also compatible with Alexa.

Many platforms include wireless security cameras that can be added later, but some need to be hardwired while others use rechargeable batteries. Other platforms also include thermostats, lighting controls, and more.

Adopting Home Cloud Solutions and Technologies

Home security systems incorporate more than just security these days, as they have also begun integrating home cloud solutions. These solutions include accessing content like videos, pictures, and music with Hulu Plus or Spotify services.

The centralized nature of these home security solutions is based on cloud networks. Because of the inherent connectivity between devices via the Internet of Things, communication between devices has become simplified. As a result, homeowners are quick to adopt increasingly user-friendly solutions.

Remote Access and Smart Devices

Uses appreciate the remote access that continues to be improved from every advancement. Being able to store and access images or videos on demand from anywhere allows for easy scalability. Decades ago, home security systems were difficult to install, and gadgets like wireless security cameras did not exist. To have a system installed meant contacting someone to have it installed, and it was costly at the time.

Today, home security and smart home technology work together seamlessly to keep homes safer than ever. As advancements continue moving forward, we can expect that tech options will become even more intuitive and user-friendly in the future.

Virtual Assistants

Because of the integration between smart home tech and home security, most smart home security systems can work with a virtual assistant, typically Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Vivint, for example, supports both Alexa and Google Assistant in their home security design. Vivint is a top-notch option for professionally monitored smart home tech and security systems with a range of high-end security devices.

Other systems, like Honeywell, also support Google Assistant and Alexa. With their DIY platform, you can opt-out of professional security management if you would rather do it yourself, too. ADT, a well-known name in home security, also supports Google Assistant and gives you the option of round-the-clock monitoring. With their established line of products, you can tailor your security options however you see fit.

Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

Using cloud technologies and communication over the internet means a heightened level of risk. It’s like viruses and computers – the more advanced computers get, the more viruses evolve to overtake the latest technology. Because of this increase in demand for improved cybersecurity, there has been an uptick in developing more AI technology. This includes facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, voice recognition, and iris scanning. Wireless security cameras will do more than monitor – they will be a primary line of defense to keep homes safe.

Smart Home Security Integration

Innovative home technology continues to create a smart hub for you and your family. As consumers demand quality and simplicity in smart tech and home security, advancements are still to come. As technology is always changing, these gadgets will only become safer and more secure. Not only that, but the product designs are also advancing. Security installations are a lot less bulky and are sleek and subtle enough to fit into any home aesthetic. It is always a delight to see design and function improve together!

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