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8 Ways LED Lighting is Improving

Lighting is an easy way to update your décor and improve your home’s ambiance. Contemporary trends embrace the latest color palettes in interior design, too. Here’s our latest insight into what you can expect in LED lights and the trends that are poised to take the stage.

Better Lighting for Less

LED lights have gotten far more efficient over the years, and better still, they’re becoming less costly than before. LED lights also don’t give off the heat that traditional incandescent bulbs do, making them far more energy-efficient. With LED technology advancements, more prominent light fixtures that act as a focal point or centerpiece are becoming the norm. Some have a minimalist design, while others are more ornate but still garner instant attention in the right room.

Smart LED Lighting

As technology improves, you can expect that smart LED lighting is becoming requested more often by consumers that prefer smart home devices. As an example, you now have the option to control your entire home’s lighting from anywhere else. Virtual assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa can control your home lighting remotely and activate upon your arrival at home. With current options available on the market, you can select technology that automatically turns on the lights when you get home because it can track your GPS location.

Sustainable Lighting

Consumers embrace natural and sustainable materials in interior design, and lighting is no different. You can find LED lighting fixtures that incorporate lighter wood tones and natural fibers. Natural materials are at the core of current interior design trends, so you’ll find metal, leather, and natural colors in everything, including brushed metallic pendant lights. Wicker and rattan lighting are also fantastic options for adding texture for a contemporary feel in an organic way.

Retro Lighting Styles

Retro or industrial lighting has been around for a little while, but trends are recently shifting and are now considered modern retro. These LED lighting fixtures are sleeker pieces that look more like artwork. Fixtures also aren’t stuck just being pendant lights hanging from your ceiling. Instead, you can find lighting that can be mounted to a wall or as a centerpiece for your home.

Dimmable Lighting and Light Pollution

LED lighting can be found with dimmable solutions. As people insist on adjusting the lighting to reflect the mood of the room, dimming LEDs have made it possible to have cool or warm lights on demand. Another concern for interior designers that prioritize reducing environmental impact has become light pollution. Ineffective outdoor lighting can cause migratory birds to take the wrong route, so having LED lights that reduce glare has become more critical.

Metallic Finishes

Soft metallic finishes are also on the rise in interior design. A soft gold can add a touch of elegance against grays and ivories. The matte finishes of brushed silver, gold, brass, and bronze also blend well with virtually any décor style. Overhead lighting adds stylish accents when they’re done in a soft metallic finish. Brushed metallic reading lamps are a far cry from your grandmother’s bright gold lights and are a trend you can feel confident in following for a while.

Art Deco Designs

Art Deco styles have been in and out of style, but they’re on-trend right now and can be found in a variety of nostalgic LED lighting styles. Geometric designs with sharp lines add an artistic element to interior design. Overhead usage is best since these types of designs make a strong statement in your space. Look for fun yet laid-back pieces to give a pop of personality in an LED light.

Simple and Clean Lines

Most of today’s LED lighting reflects modern décor demands – clean lines and simple forms. Complicated and ornate designs don’t tend to be what today’s homeowner wants. Instead, they want a lighting fixture that complements a minimalist space. LED lighting fixtures have the versatility to be a focal point and be useful in a modern space in any design you wish. They function exceptionally well as statement pieces.

LED Lights are Here to Stay

LED lighting has many benefits, and as people continue to demand better quality, increased versatility, and an improvement to environmental impact, it’s not going anywhere.  You can update materials or invigorate a space with a new, bold silhouette. With trends in modern lighting pulling from the past and adopting an innovative approach, it’s easy to get creative with your new LED lights.

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