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Trending Backsplash Designs for 2022

Backsplash designs have become a visual focal point for kitchens, bathrooms, and home bars. They are designed to protect your walls and also coordinate with your countertops. Over time, they’ve had tons of changes happen with a wider variety of available materials. You’ll find glass, stone, metal, mirrors, and more options to install as you design your perfect backsplash.

Kitchen Backsplash Designs

Have you ever considered a backsplash that goes all the way up to the ceiling? Traditionally, the kitchen backsplash goes between the top of the counters and the bottom of your cabinets. Instead of stopping there, it has become even more common to see tile backsplashes extending all the way to the ceiling.

Cabinetry is facing its own trends, as open shelves and cabinet doors make a more consistent appearance in today’s kitchens. As a result, the tile helps to give your kitchen an updated look that not only unites the space but also makes your kitchen feel more open.

Bathroom Backsplash Designs

Bathroom backsplashes are also becoming more commonplace. It wasn’t that long ago when you had a simple partial backsplash where your counter met the wall. Its purpose was to protect your walls, but many have decided to upgrade backsplash designs by adding more tile to the walls.

Unlike kitchen tiles, they’re not typically seen any higher than the bottom portion of the walls, but they can go higher to make a bigger statement. They extend halfway up the mirrors and add visual interest to your bathroom. Great additions to bathrooms include subway tiles, etched tiles, patterned shapes, and colors. You could even go one step further and add a wooden backsplash for an entirely different look.

Bar Backsplash Designs

A bar backsplash calls for creativity with a rustic yet elegant flair. Multicolored brick adds a fantastic accent to a bar. Thanks to the options that are available, you can install porcelain tiles that look like bricks for a durable yet rugged look.

Tile looks especially great from the top of the back bar counters through to the top of the ceilings. Small tiles can also add an excellent texture and pattern to a wet bar. When coordinated with your countertops, it can create the perfect ambiance to enjoy a drink with friends or just a place to get away.

Backsplash Designs You’ll Love

When in doubt, work with a designer that can help you think outside the box. They might suggest a tile or design you would have otherwise passed over. Consider working with custom builders for a complete wet bar renovation to breathe new life into your social space. Be open to tile materials for that perfect kitchen backsplash or that beautiful bathroom backsplash you’re looking for.

Do not be afraid to play with colors, either, because you might be surprised with the design you fall in love with. From wooden tones to black and white color schemes, there’s a design that will fit you and your space.

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