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What’s the Difference Between Home Restoration and Renovation?

Homebuyers don’t always know the difference between renovation and restoration. Let’s pose a scenario. You want to have some work done but are unsure how to ask about what you need to be done, especially since they often seem interchangeable in construction. So what exactly is the difference between home restoration and home renovation?

What Is Renovation?

Imagine needing to replace your windows with new ones done in a different style or with a different material. Perhaps you’re updating older copper piping with PVC pipes instead. Maybe you’re the one with the kitchen that looks like a trip back to the 1970s, and not in a good way.

You might decide replacing is the way to go to change the look of your home. You’re looking for more modern, contemporary appliances or sleek updates to your home. Those are renovations. Renovations change your home and keep it from returning to its original appearance.

What Is Restoration?

Home restoration is different because it removes existing elements and replaces them with the original styles or materials. For example, those copper pipes? Instead of replacing them with PVC pipes, you’re replacing them with new copper piping.

When you restore your home, the work brings your home back to its original design and beauty. Typically, it is up to you to decide if you prefer one over the other. Still, occasionally, there might be stipulations you need to follow, especially when it comes to homes recognized as historic landmarks.

How Do These Things Work with Historic Homes?

Historic homes have a special significance when it comes to restoration vs. renovation. You may be more limited in how you can change the look of your home. For example, historic homeowners are often required to keep the original frontage appearance. Materials may also be regulated. When it comes to historical homes, it is entirely possible that you keep a percentage of the original materials. If those materials are not available, you may be required to simply maintain the style by replacing the original materials with something that looks like them.

What About Additions?

Occasionally, additions are allowed if the style meshes well with the existing appearance. If it does not distract from your home’s authenticity but rather adds to it, you might also be able to consider an appropriate addition to your home.

Additions can also fall into the renovation category because if you have something like an existing porch but want to add a screened-in sunroom attached to that porch, it becomes a little of both. It’s a home renovation because you’ll likely have to replace some existing pieces with newer ones. Still, it may be entirely possible to maintain the home’s original integrity.

Home renovation is different from home restoration. While they’re similar in some aspects, it’s important to distinguish one from the other. Restorations bring back the original beauty of a home, while a renovation gives you the opportunity to upgrade a home. Whether you’re looking to upgrade or update, our team at WPL Interior Design is here for you. We can help guide you in the right direction so that you get the beautiful home you envision while also staying within your budget. Get in touch today to start planning your next home project!

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