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What’s Trending in Interior Design Spring 2019

The flowers of the season are starting to bloom and so are the Spring fashion and design trends. We’re seeing many trends continue to rise and evolve; here are some of the big Spring trends to watch out for in 2019.

Color, Color, and More Color

Trends in color continue to get richer and more vibrant – Pantone’s Color of the Year Living Coral serves as a bright reminder to stay cheerful, live sustainably, and make more meaningful connections with those around us. It’s the perfect color to brighten up your home this season. Other trending colors accompanying Pantone’s Color of the Year include warm purples, spicy reds, and deep blues and greens.

Photos: Jay Greene Photography

Photo: Shutterstock

Modern and Sustainable Design

The clean architectural lines of Scandinavian and modern design are taking over a lot of different components of interior design. It continues to grow along the trending lifestyles of minimalism and intentional living. But don’t confuse the “less is more” mindset with boring; these modern designs allow a lot of room for creativity with materials, color, and texture.

This goes hand in hand with sustainability trends. Consumers want to know where their products are coming from and have taken an interest in learning about the different material options out there. With more people valuing quality and timelessness over “fast furniture”, we see a shift of how manufacturers are both creating and marketing pieces to their customers.

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The Midas Touch

Gold continues to shine when it comes to metallic finishes, creating its own prominent pedestal between white metal finishes and stainless steel. Yellow gold, in particular, has been making a comeback. It’s likely because gold matches well with two other fast growing trends: color and pattern.

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Not Just Any Old Wallpaper

It was only a few years ago that homeowners were still tearing out the wallpaper from their homes without hesitation, but wallpaper has been slowly making a comeback! There’s a huge variety of modern wallpapers to choose from; large floral prints, geometric shapes, and sophisticated textures are among the highest trending. We’re also seeing 3D wall panels with interesting shapes and dimensions, giving homes a very futuristic look.

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Vintage Lighting

While minimalism and modern trends have overpowered many aspects of interior design, homeowners are favoring vintage styles when it comes to lighting. Vintage lighting helps add more visual interest to a room, like adding dimension, color, or adding a little more style against an otherwise flat-looking space.

Photos: Shutterstock

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