Bathroom Design Trends 2017

We are seeing some new and continuing trends in Bathroom Design. Here are our insights: It used to be that residential bathroom design influenced hotel bathroom design, but now hotel bathroom [...]

Our Favorite Whites & Off-Whites

One of the secrets to the picking the best paint colors is using the right paint companies’ samples. While there are many good companies we like, if you have ever selected paint colors with us, [...]

December Issue

Fourteen months and a thousand hours later we see the culmination of our efforts in this month’s Philadelphia magazine. Design Home 2016 has closed and gone to print and the results are now [...]

Design Home 2016: Outdoor Spaces

One of the most popular spaces at Design Home 2016 has been the roof deck on top of the home and on the 6th floor. With 360 degree views including the Delaware River, the Benjamin Franklin [...]

Design Home 2016: Furniture Sponsors

As the Interior Designers for Design Home 2016, we work with the developer, US Construction, and the Architects, JKRP Architects, for over a year to design the interiors of the home. We also work [...]

Design Home 2016: Countertops

One of the fun things we do as part of our Philadelphia magazine’s Design Home 2016 duties as the Interior Designers is pick out all the countertop materials. Our countertop sponsor is and has [...]

Design Home 2016: Art

We had been working with Merritt Gallery in Haverford Square for quite some time when we signed on to do the 2012 Philadelphia magazine Design Home. We suggested them as an art sponsor and they [...]

Design Home 2016 – The Move-In

The kitchen is almost completed, the AV equipment is going in, the decorative lighting is installed and the first of the furniture sponsors begins to move in at Design Home 2016. IKEA is first in [...]

Design Home 2016 – VIDEO: The Entry

From studs to drywall, here’s a sneak peak at the progress of Design Home 2016, focusing on the Foyer and entry level to the home. See how details from all of the incredible sponsors and [...]

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