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Let There Be Light: 2021 Window Trends

Not all trends are good – there’s a reason certain things never come back around. However, window trends are making their way to the forefront. With so many options available, it’s not surprising that so many want to transform their homes, starting with windows. Spring and fall are the best times to have new windows installed. It won’t be too hot or too cold to get it done and then you’ll have lovely new windows to admire. It’s also advantageous to replace or install new windows before the cold season as it helps with energy efficiency.

Things to Consider When Adding New Windows

Eyes are windows to the soul, and windows – well, they’re a glimpse into the rest of your home. Depending on your goal, consider installing new windows to replace existing ones. Or maybe you’re all about doing an upgrade. Installing new windows is definitely not a DIY project, so hire a professional. An expert contractor will handle any of the possible issues that will likely come up. They’ll measure your windows to make sure you get a customized fit for the windows you want to replace.

Functionality matters, too. Do you want a window that flips up so you can open it when it rains? What about sliding doors that double as windows? Maybe you just want to replace them for energy efficiency. Either way, you need to think about what you want your windows to do. Your contractor will also be able to tell you if what you want falls within code before getting started. Making sure your modifications are allowed is critical to moving forward, so always get that squared away first.

Practical Windows

Consider the impact that sound-reducing windows can have on your home. They are known as impact windows and are made for extreme weather conditions. As a bonus, they are also fantastic at keeping noise pollution at bay if you live in a busy area or get to enjoy the frequent passing of planes or trains. They also filter most of the UV rays that generally come in through a window, offering some protection to things near the window.

Let There Be Light: 2021 Window Trends | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

ENERGY STAR windows are another way to go, especially if you have massive windows that need to be replaced. While they let the light in, large floor-to-ceiling windows are not energy-efficient unless they are certified. Replacing existing windows with certified windows results in the house staying cool and lower energy bills, so it’s a win all the way around.

To go one step further, you can opt for environmentally friendly materials for your newly replaced windows once they’re done. For example, blackout curtains made from reclaimed plastics offer environmental sustainability, and they’re practical to keep the light out when you need to.

Top Window Trends

Let’s say you’ve gotten everything hammered out with the contractor and building codes, and now you’re ready to select the window style you want. Knowing the latest window trends for 2021 might help you make that decision.

Have you considered awning windows? They’re the ones that open out and away from the house. The hinge is on top, making it easy for you to open and enjoy in rain or shine. These windows are designed to stay open and still keep the rain away if you’re the type to enjoy the smell of a fresh downpour. If awning windows aren’t your style, what about the window frames? You could go the route of switching up your window frames. Black or dark frames are still popular and won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

Alternatively, you could go with colorful trims, especially given the interior décor trends that are on point this year. Go bold with red trim to contrast the typical khaki or clay-colored exteriors. If the colors of your home indoors and outdoors are neutral shades, a fun pop of blue or green could be a welcome change on your windows, too.

Let There Be Light: 2021 Window Trends | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Miranda Kimberlin

Window seats are another way you can enjoy your window space. Create a cozy nook for reading by having one installed. You could also go with a sliding counter-height window to pass things through to the outdoors or install sliding doors to complete a new look.

Being at Home

After having been stuck at home for the past year and change, it’s no wonder people want to update the way they experience their homes. Windows are a fantastic opportunity to upgrade to energy-efficient options. At the same time, you get that new look you’re after, plus you’re doing yourself a favor by finding yet another way to enjoy your home. WPL Interior Design is happy to look through today’s window trends and help you find the perfect solution for your home. Give us a call today at 215-592-9570 to get started.

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