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You’ve seen trends come and go with colors and prints that go out of style, but there are always ways to stay on trend by choosing timeless home decor. Different design elements will keep you looking classy even as trends change around you. It’s all about how you use home decor items to create a classic look regardless of the current trends swirling around you.

Natural Materials

Wood tones add to timeless home decor no matter the surrounding design because wood gives off a warm neutral color. Selecting neutral color palettes in multiple shades creates a balanced motif capable of accepting any new pop of color as desired.

How to be Timelessly On-Trend | WPL Interior Design

Wool rugs are also timeless, so you can install wood floors and throw a wool rug over it for a classic look that will stand the test of time. Because you’re using natural materials, you’re also going to enjoy knowing you’re doing right by the environment.

On-Trend Accessories

To update your timeless look every so often, use accessories to punch things up a notch. You don’t need to redecorate to incorporate on-trend color palettes or patterns completely. Instead, you can add a lampshade in a bold print or new pillows in current colors.

How to be Timelessly On-Trend | WPL Interior Design

Using accessories to bring out contemporary interior design elements keeps you from having to add anything permanent. Because you’re not using permanent fixtures, you can update colors and items as desired without doing a complete renovation to your living space.

Bold Textures vs. Bold Patterns

While florals and bold prints are popular right now, like all trends, they will eventually fall to the wayside. Instead of adopting bold patterns, consider bold textures instead. Patterns tend to become outdated faster than textures. 

How to be Timelessly On-Trend | WPL Interior Design

Selecting a bold texture, on the other hand, lets you stay on-trend longer. It goes back to accessories. If you choose a lamp with a bold texture on its base, but you keep it in line with your timeless color palette, it will fit now and years from now.

Finding Your Timeless Home Decor

How to be Timelessly On-Trend | WPL Interior Design

Our professional interior designers are ready to help plan and source the perfect timeless, yet on-trend, decor for your home. Ultimately, what you choose to bring into your house is up to you. If you want natural materials, bring in those cotton pillows and wool rugs. Embrace creativity with accessories to bring in those pops of on-trend colors and patterns. If you want to go longer between updates, go for textures over patterns because their impact will last considerably longer. The idea is to choose a decor that updates quickly and still reflects who you are while remaining timeless and effortlessly on-trend year after year.

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