Collecting Art

If you are ready to begin collecting art but don’t know where to begin or what to buy, consider these tips. Buy what you like. Art is a very subjective thing, what makes one person smile can make [...]

Design Home 2016: Art

We had been working with Merritt Gallery in Haverford Square for quite some time when we signed on to do the 2012 Philadelphia magazine Design Home. We suggested them as an art sponsor and they [...]

Tips on Framing and Hanging Art

There are some rules in interior design that should never be broken and one of them is always frame your art to enhance the art not to match your interior. In other words, the frame does not have [...]

Vintage Posters as Art

Originating in France and primarily used as billboards for announcements and advertisements the vintage poster became popular in the 19th century due to the new and less expensive printing [...]

Which artwork should you buy?

Art is a very subjective thing. What makes one person smile can make another person cringe.   Most of us have developed opinions or biases of what we like or don’t like from our experiences, [...]