Kitchen Design Trends 2017

We are seeing some new and continuing trends in Kitchen Design and here are our insights. Trends are increasing in speed from previous years, meaning the time between when they first appear and [...]

Design Home 2016 – Kitchens and Bars

This year’s Design Home is designed with two kitchens and two bars. The main kitchen, which is large for a Philadelphia town house, is located on the second floor. The piano nobile or bel etage [...]

Kitchen Design Trends 2016

Have you been wondering what’s hot in kitchen design these days? Here are the latest trends we are seeing in kitchens, some new and some ongoing. Still Larger Kitchens are still growing in square [...]

Kitchen Design Basics

Where does one begin to plan a new kitchen? Clearly a space plan is needed and we recommend starting with appliances. Where are they? How far apart are they? How many are there? Which ones? And [...]